Beverly Oaks Association: Association News Archive (2009-10)


07-31-10 General maintenance was conducted on the property today including replacement of 2 dead shrubs at 2023, 1 dead shrub at North cul-de-sac, sanding and painting the automatic gate boxes, the installation of 13 shrubs at entry, spreading 30 cubic yards of mulch in various beds, and replacement of entry light bulbs.

07-29-10 A major hedge trim was completed this week. This effort was undertaken in response to suggestions made at the semi-annual meeting.

07-28-10 The 2023 building was painted (in the new paint scheme and repaired this week.

07-27-10 Additional irrigation repairs were made this week including adding a zone (tunnelling under the street) at 2023 to add more pressure to the 1606 - 1620 zone.

07-19-10 The cutting height of the lawn mowers has been lowered. This effort was undertaken in response to suggestions made at the semi-annual meeting.

07-13-10 Handouts from the semiannual meeting are published here .

07-09-10 2010 painting has been completed.

06-27-10 Handouts for the semiannual meeting will be published here on Monday June 28, 2010.

06-26-10 Painting of the front doors (1601-1623) will be done today.

The Association is currently undertaking several corrective repairs to the irrigation system.

At 1501 Brentwood, a double check valve is being installed for the largest zone in the community. Currently there are no check valve - it appears that at one point someone removed it. The double check valve to prevent contaminated water from leaking back into our drinking water. At 1906, we are replacing a second double check valve which has been broken for a number of years and can't be fully opened. Additionally, we are adding “heads” at 1901 Wilshire and 117 Brentwood so that these two homes will have full coverage. Additionally, the irrigation company is doing a 100% inspection of all heads.

06-08-10 Minor electrical repairs were completed to the entry lighting.

With the early planting, the Marigolds are well established on the north side. The south side did not take as well. Three flats of yellow Lantana were planted today to help fill that bed.

An automobile accident at the Brentwood entrance to 183 knocked down the electric pole, electric service to our exit warning lamp, and the One-Way street sign back in March. The powers has been restored. The One-Way sign has been replaced. The Association has recovered the entire cost of the repair from the drivers insurance company.

Minor landscape projects were completed including: 1) putting cedar mulch in the Wilshire and Brentwood cul-de-sac garden, 2) planting 4 Privots in the entry gardens (leftover from planting weekend), 3) replacing the edging at the entry (just the rotted sections), 4) planting 1 flat of flowers in the entry garden to replace those that were stolen, and 5) weeding the bed by the mailboxes.

The spring block party was held Saturday between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM . 55 residents attended.  There was a large smoker on site with brisket, chicken, burgers, chips, side dishes and drinks. Thanks to everyone who made this event a success.  

Diamond completed our second fertilization and weed control today. Anyone seeing weeds on the property, please contact us ASAP. We can have any weeds treated at no cost as long as we order treatment by June 10th.

Light fixtures were installed on the 2023 community building today.

Sixteen homes participated in this years sale. The weather put a damper on the traffic.

The Association installed the first mailbox light today. Special thanks to Jeff Waldrum for his assistance in this project.

Longtime resident Carl Smith passed away today. Grave side services will be held at 9:30 AM Friday, April 30, 2010 at DFW National Cemetery, 2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy. in Dallas. Memorial services will follow at 1 PM at South MacArthur Church of Christ, 1401 S. MacArthur Blvd. in Irving. The family will receive friends 6-8 PM Thursday at Brown’s Memorial Funeral Home, 707 North MacArthur Boulevard, Irving, TX 75061-7323, (972) 254-4242

The rain held off just long enough to let us get everything in before it poured.

Lot's of turf improvements  - we laid 13 pallets of sod, and planted  96 shrubs and 46 flats of flowers.  All of the scraggly north cul-de-sac junipers were pulled out and the 19 year old junipers from the entry garden beds were put in their place.

We ran slightly (6%) over budget for the project - basically we ordered 1 pallet of sod more than we needed - but we will trim a little in the fall to stay on track for the year.

The exit alley will be closed late Saturday night and early Sunday morning to discourage traffic during the demolition of Texas Stadium.

The hanging pole has been removed and the back alley has been reopened.

The back alley has been temporarily closed. Since the automobile accident on March 23 (see below) a 4 foot remnant from the old pole has been hanging over the driveway. Oncor has been contacted to have the section removed. The alley was closed as a precaution.

An automobile accident at the Brentwood entrance to 183 knocked down the electric pole, electric service to our exit warning lamp, and the One-Way street sign. The Association is working with Oncor, TxDOT, and the City of Irving to get these matters resolved. The cost to the Associations emergency reserve is unknown at this time as the Association is pursuing the driver's insurance company. The cost of the repair will be approximately $1,600.00. We hope to have the warning light back in operation by April 15th. Mike Litvin is coordinating this effort.

The Association has entered into an agreement with the contractor rebuilding 1502 Brentwood regarding the exterior repairs and paint color. The insurer will pay for the painting and repair of 1502 using the new color scheme and the contractor offered the Association a reduced price to paint and repair 1500 Brentwood. By doing this, the Association will save $1,400 because 1502 will not need to be painted during the regular paint cycle at the Associations expense.

3-11-10 Light pruning of trees was completed at 107, 109, 108, 1500, 1502, 1516, 1520, 1618, 1616, 1620, 2009, 2011, 1906, 1910, 1912, 1901, and by the mailboxes North Side. This work was a volunteer effort by Mike Litvin at no charge to the Association.

Repairs were completed at the 2023 garage including the door lock to the large garage, securing the roolback garage door to the building frame (it pulled away). This work was a volunteer effort by Mike Litvin at no charge to the Association.

John Ward donated a large fan to be used for ventilation during community events. Mike Litvin donated (and installed) a motor to make the fan operational.

A broken sewer main under the street near 1612 Brentwood was reported and repaired. This required a release of $2,500 from the emergency reserve to cover the costs of the emergency repair.

Replaced one light fixture at entry, replaced 8 burned out bulbs.

The landscapers performed a corrective shrub cutback today to make the height of the shrubs more consistent in the community. In some places shrubs of the same variety were as much as 4 feet higher than in other locations. This was planned in 2009 and scheduled to take place before the shrubs budded. We expect all shrubs to recover from this cutback by June.

2-17-10 The Diamond compant completed the first lawn fertilization and pre-emergent treatment of the year.


Today's snow storm dumped an all time record 12.5 inches on Irving bringing our season total to over 17.6 inches. This breaks the previous mark of 12.1 inches set in January 1964. Photos from today's snow storm which knocked out power to 1/3 of the community for over 11 hours are available here:

TxDOT rescinded their offer to purchase the Association land for the SH 183 expansion because of budget shortages. The project is temporarily on hold. This is the second hold placed on acquisitions. The first was in 2005 when acquisitions were delayed until 2009.

The Association has retained the Robert Blend and the Blend Law firm to help with chronic late paying members.


The rescheduled Annual meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM. Thirty-one homeowners were present and 39 homeowners were represented by general proxy.

Mike Litvin (108 Wilshire Ct) was elected to a two-year term filling the board seat vacated by Kristin Mallory (1504 Brentwood).

In an effort to encourage unity in the community, the Board recommended delaying the expanded services of the paint/repair program until 2011. This will allow for a more gradual phasing in of the dues increase approved last December. This means that while twelve homes will be painted in 2010, community funded siding repairs to the rear of the homes will not begin until 2011. This was proposed by the Board as a way to bridge the differences of the majority (voting for expanded services) and the minority (that voted for a minimum rate).

In a vote of unity the annual budget proposed by the Board was approved by all 72 owners - there were no votes against or abstentions. $183.00 is due on January 1 and April 1, and $192.00 will be due on June 1 and October 1. Paying the full years assessment before February 5 will entitle the owner to an early payment discount of $90.00 ($660.00 will pay for the year).

Any owner having already paid $217.50 for the first quarter will have a credit of $34.50 applied to their April assessment. Any owner having paid $800.00 for the full year of 2010 will receive a refund check of $140.00 to be mailed by February 12th. Time is needed to be sure all checks clear.

Payments should be mailed to Joe Sandifer, Prestige Property Management, 2927 Winterberry Drive, Carrollton, TX 75007. Checks should be made payable to the Beverly Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc.

Last night's slide presentation can be seen here:

1-12-10 The Annual meeting was not held on 1-12-10 as a quorum was not present. An informal discussion with the members was held regarding the progress/projects of the association in 2009, as well as the 2010 budget.

1-5-10 There was a two alarm fire at 1502 Brentwood today. No one was injured. The Fire Marshall estimated the damages at $50,000. The adjoining home, 1500 Brentwood, suffered smoke damage but the fire wall was effective in retaining the fire. It is believed that the fire originated in the clothes dryer on the second floor. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission explains clothes dryer fires and their prevention here: <click here> Photos of the rescue effort are located here.

1-4-10 New Visitor parking signs were installed today For more information and to see the new and old signs go to:

12-24-09 Today's snow brought us the first white Christmas in 83 years.

12-12-09 The budget election closed today and the voting results have been tabulated and posted.

12-09-09 The Association submitted it's grant application to the City of Irving for developing the property at 2023 Wilshire (garage).

12-07-09 2010 Budget ballots were distributed this morning. Owners are encouraged to vote on line. The special meeting for collecting budget ballots has been rescheduled for December 12th at 2023. This meeting will be for the purpose of counting the ballots and collecting any last minute votes

12-04-09 The Association submitted it's counterproposal to TxDOT for the sale of the land for the 183 expansion. The counter proposal is available online.

11-28-09 Longtime resident Adrienne Inman passed today. A memorial will be held on December 5 at 2:00 PM at the Oak Haven United Methodist Church, 1600 North Irving Heights Drive, Irving , Tx (972) 438-1431

11-28-09 The budget meeting was held at 10 AM. A quorum was not present. The meeting had been rescheduled for December 12th at the same time and location.

11-18-09 Mike Litvin (108 Wilshire Ct) was elected to the Board of Directors to take the seat vacated by Kristin Mallory until the annual meeting.

11-14-09 Seventy percent of the owners were present at the TxDOT meeting. All voted affirmative (69.7%).

11-12-09 The 2010 budget planning meeting was held today. Minutes will be posted soon.

11-07-09 Volunteers went door to door this weekend to collect TxDOT proxies. We currenly have 60 of the 64 needed to sell the land.

10-30-09 The updates on the TxDOT counter proposal and drawings have been posted.

10-28-09 The final paint walkthrough was completed today and the final trim configuration for the 1901-3 elevations finished out .

10-19-09 The 2010 budget planning and vote was started today. Financial reports were sent to all owners. A meeting in scheduled on November 12th at the Irving Arts center to discuss the future role and services of the Association.

10-17-09 The community planting weekend was a success - as neighbors, we planted 75 new shrubs in the community including rejuvenating the front entry (replacing missing shrubs) and planting a "green" fence at the back of the property.

10-01-09 The community planting weekend has been rescheduled to October 17th. The order form is available here.

09-08-09 Painting starts today at 1901 - 1919 Wilshire Lane. The work is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

09-06-09 The Association continues with its tree pruning and removal of dead or diseased trees. This weekend 7 dead trees were removed from the community, 5 on common property and 2 on private property - the homeowners worked with the Associations to get the best price on services with each paying for the trees they were responsible for. The cost per tree removed ranged from $125.00 to $250.00

09-05-09 Steven's Landscaping of Irving was awarded the 2010 landscaping contract. Stevens will provide a Friday service, the owner will be on site each week, and they were low bidder of the 6 contractors that complete bids.

09-04-09 Fungus among us! The unexplained dying grass that has plagued the community for the last few has been identified as an easily treatable lawn fungus. Now that we know what it is, we can deal with it.

08-28-09 Coy Landscaping, defaulted on its contractual obligation and verbal commitment to supply lawn services through September 4th - there was no lawn service today and the company's operations have ceased.

08-27-09 The Association has received 5 landscaping bids for 2010. Discussions with the top candidates will be conducted next week with the intent of starting the 2010 contract on September 4th, 2009. The early start is to cover for the loss of the current landscaper.

08-19-09 The Associations landscaping services have been put out to bid. The RFP is available for review.

08-06-09 Our landscaper, Coy Landscaping, is closing its Texas operation and has given notice of termination effective September 4, 2009.

08-04-09 Purchase of Beverly Oaks property by the Texas Department of Transportation. A special meeting of the Association will be held on November 14th to approve a purchase offer for community property.

08-04-09 The 2009 exterior painting contract was awarded to Rutherford Painting and Remodelling. Charter Construction, Delta Painting, Inc., MYW Contractors, Elite Painting, and Rutherford Painting were invited to bid. Rutherford has a long history with current management company and previous management company and was the lowest bidder.

08-03-09 Theft of Property - A community sprinkler controller was stolen this weekend. Anyone with information, please contact the Association management. Thanks!

08-03-09 Irrigation repairs continued today with the repair of the common property irrigation at 2023 Wilshire - the last/final area needing to be repaired.

07-29-09 Last Call! Owner participation in this process has been exceptional with more than 72% of the community involved. If your haven't already, please tell us what you think about the paint color options. Share your preferences here

07-29-09 Irrigation repairs continued today with the repair of the common property irrigation at 2023 Wilshire - the last/final area needing to be repaired.

07-24-09 The Paint Preference Survey is now up. Please tell us what you think. Share your preferences here

07-23-09 Today Exit Warning Lamp has been refurbished and is again operational.

07-21-09 The source the noxious gases emitting from the community storm drain has been identified - carpet cleaning sewage from by Metroplex Karpet Cleaning. This company has been dumping in the community for over 10 years. The Board, the management company, and the property owner at 1912 are working to resolve this matter, recover Associations costs for cleaning the storm drains, and have the vehicle removed.

07-17-09 Today the association prevailed in its argument that its Common Property Tax Valuation should be reduced by 30% based on inaccurate measurements. Special thanks to Joe Sandifer for doing an excellent job at the hearing. A copy of the presentation is located here.

07-16-09 Irrigation repairs continued today with the repair of the Brentwood cul-de-sac garden pipe break and the repair of the valve located at 2005 Wilshire.

07-09-09 Irrigation repairs continued today... service was restored to 100, 102, 104, 114, 116, 118, 120, 122 Wilshire Court and the Wilshire cul-de-sac garden, which has been down since September 2008. Service was also restored to 1913, 1915, 1917.

07-08-09 Irrigation repairs continued today... a new zone is being created for 122, 1914-1922 Wilshire and the Wilshire cul-de-sac garden. Report problems here:

07-07-09 Irrigation repairs continued today... a broken valve was located and repaired at 1911 Wilshire and service was restored to 1905, 1907, 1909, 1911, 1911, down since 2008. . Report problems here:

07-06-09 Irrigation repairs continued today... line obstructions were found at 1910 Wilshire and repaired. . Report problems here:

07-05-09 We have 4 paint color sets painted on the garage of 1915 Wilshire. These are not final color selections, but we are getting closer after testing 43 paint colors. Kristen Mallory and Chris Combs are continuing to refine color selections for the community. We hope to have a final selections by Friday for owner input.

07-04-09 Replacement flowers (Vincas/Periwinkles) were planted today in the Wilshire cul-de-sac. Special thanks to Randy and Susan Ranew for donating their time to do this planting.

07-03-09 Replacement flowers (Vincas/Periwinkles) were planted today in the Brentwood cul-de-sac. Special thanks to Randy and Susan Ranew for donating their time to do this planting.

07-03-09 We had 3 companies on site today making irrigation repairs. Service was restored to 1904, 1906 and 2007 Wilshire (inoperable since 2008). Underground water line breaks have been found in the flower bed in the Brentwood cul-de-sac and in the yard at 2007 Wilshire. There are numerous underground wiring issues (broken wires) affecting properties on Wilshire. Anyone with trees should use a soaker house to prevent the tree from going into shock during these high temperature days. Special thanks to Mike Litvan for donating his time to help troubleshoot the system. Report problems here:

07-02-09 We have 2 paint color sets painted on the garage of 1915 Wilshire. These are not final color selections. Kristen Mallory and Chris Combs are continuing to refine color selections for the community.

06-28-09 Kristen Mallory and Chris Combs painted some paint color refinements on the garage of 1915 Wilshire. This is just additional testing by the committee using Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams paints (the brands we will use). The 1915 garage was used because it receives direct sunlight.

06-26-09 Irrigation repairs were conducted on Brentwood today. There has been no service in 2009 to 1524, 1600, 1602, 1608, 1622 area by the exit, and the Brentwood Cul-de-sac garden. There were breaks in the underground lines at Brentwood Court mailboxes, 1617 Brentwood, 1620 Brentwood. Service was restored to these homes.

06-23-09 Storm drain odors have returned. The board is investigating the source of chemicals dumped in the drain.

06-21-09 With the first serious heat of the season on us, it is clear that we have some irrigation issues. We have outages reported on Wilshire Court and the center island, 1914-1922 Wilshire, 1915 - 1917 Wilshire. If you know of additional outages or dry areas please let us know. Work will be conducted on June 26th.

We do not have specific dates for resolving the seasonal color damage - we hope to fix this by the holiday weekend - please check back for updates. Report problems here:

06-20-09 The tree canopies have been thinned on the community lot (adjacent to 1620 Brentwood) to increase the ground light and to prepare the area for the additions of shrubbery as part of the overall effort to upgrade the appearance of this last section community property that has not been upgraded since the original development.

06-18-09 The exterior paint color selection meeting was held. Meeting minutes to follow. Draft summary of the meeting is published here. Owners are encouraged to participate in the selection of the final colors which will be made on July 29th.

06-18-09 The storm sewers were cleaned out today by Andy's Sprinkler and Drainage Company - special thanks to Roy Wilson for overseeing the effort. The odor is no longer present.

06-10-09 We are investigating the storm drain odors that have been chronically emitting from the storm drains at 101 Brentwood and 2023 Wilshire.

06-15-09 The tree canopies have been thinned on the 2023 lot (community garage) to increase the ground light but still provide enough low growth to block the visibility of the car dealership.

06-09-09 The check register has been updated and posted. <see it here under board reports>

06-08-09 Low hanging tree limbs were trimmed in the Brentwoord exit alley today. The limbs have been placed by the community garage.

06-07-09 Photos are in from the June 6th garage sale and block party.
<click here>

06-05-09 Today the 2023 Garage (large garage) was painted, the hole in the ceiling repaired, and the 220v line removed for safety. The garage will be used for community events.

06-03-09 Summer flowers (Begonias) were planted today.

05-30-09 Entry Gate Arms have been installed on the front entry electronic gates. The arms are stationary at this time and have been installed to give the appearance that this is a private community, not an Irving through street. The gate mechanism have not been in operational since 1999 and its future will be discussed at the September traffic meeting.

05-29-09 We are in the process of setting up an infrastructure and emergency planning meeting with the City of Irving. Anyone interested in attending, please contact any board member:

05-28-09 The lighting at the entry has been repaired.

05-27-09 The exit alley will be opened by May 31, 2009 (as we posted earlier) after a six week shutdown to break the habits of those in the outlying communities that have been using our roads as a "cut through". We may need more periodic shutdowns - we'll decide based how it traffic does in the community.

05-26-09 The community records are now partially archived online. This is an opportunity for all owners to better understand the operations of the community.

05-25-09 Don't get a ticket! The Police Department has announced it's Click It or Ticket campaign. They will be patrolling in the upcoming weeks with an eye on seat belt compliance.

05-24-09 Summer flowers (Begonias) will be planted the first week in June. .

05-23-09 Need Touch up Paint? It can be hard to match!  We have fresh exterior paint that we can provide in small quantities (under 2 gallons) for touch up projects.  Please contact any board member:

05-22-09 The community garages have been cleaned for community use. There was a lot of old paint, lumber, broken electronics, etc. that had collected over time and that needed to be discarded

05-21-09 Kristen Mallory joins the Board Of Directors
Kristen Mallory (1506 Brentwood) was elected at todays board meeting to fill the vacated board seat.  Kristen has been a long time resident. Kristen sat on the Architectural Compliance Committee in 2005. 

05-19-09 The Association finally has clear title to the common grounds - 2023 Wilshire garages and the common grounds (roadway, back alley and walls, cul-de-sac gardens, mailboxes, etc.).  The longstanding dispute on ownership and property lines has been settled!  This is extremely important as we can now plan for the safe and continued operation of  roads, water lines, sewer and garages - insure ourselves - put a plan in place to keep them operational for the long term. <click here>

05-17-09 Need the name of a good handyman? We all do. We can share our contacts here. <click here>.

05-14-09 The permit for the garage sale and block party have been secured. Please RSVP <click here> so we can get you your permit and so we know how much food to order.

05-13-09 The remaining fallen limbs in the Brentwood cul-de-sac have been cut up and removed.

05-10-09 Beverly Oaks has joined the Irving Neighborhood Association <click here> . This is an organization to keep us informed on developments in the city. They also provides grants for community improvement.

05-10-09 Tell us what you are selling at the garage sale <click here> and we will put it in the craigslist ads: craigslist ad -1 , and craigslist ad-2 craigslist ad-3 We have new (and more) street signs this year - that may help the draw.

05-07-09 The next meeting of the Board is May 21, 2009 at 580 Decker Drive in Irving at 1 PM. If you would like to attend, please, <click here> for details

05-05-09 We have removed some of the fallen limbs blocking the mailboxes to insure that mail service is not interrupted in the Brentwood cul-de-sac. This matter is pending with the resident and their insurance company.

04-29-09 The exit alley will be closed until May 31, 2009 to break the habits of those in outlying communities that are using our roads as a "cut through". This action is taken in response to concerns about speeders and safety.

04-29-09 The 2010 Annual Meeting dates are announced (01-12-10 and 01-26-10 if a second meeting is required). We have also planned community meeting to talk about traffic, paint colors, and community planning <click here>

04-27-09 There are fallen limbs blocking visitor parking in the Brentwood cul-de-sac. We are working with the homeowner to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

04-24-09 The Spring Community Garage sale and Block Party is June 6 , 2009. We are looking for a partial list of some of the more interesting items to put in an ad - please tell us what you have!

04-23-09 The next meeting of the Board is April 29, 2009 at 580 Decker Drive in Irving. If you would like to attend, please contact us for details

04-22-09 The web site has been launched as a vehicle to improve community communications.

04-07-09 The exit alley was closed on April 7, 2009 to deter pass through traffic that has been problematic in the neighborhood. We are exploring options on how to resolve traffic issues and will have an open meeting on the subject this summer. Check back for more details.

04-06-09 The new board got together as quickly as possible after the March election to start the business of the 2009 year. Lots of freshmen including a new management company and landscaper - we're getting our bearings as fast as we can. The 2009 board includes Robert Bauer (President), Brenda Madison (Secretary), Rodney Lehman, and Randy Ranew. The executive director is Joe Sandifer.


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